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Raynaud's Awareness Month Posted on Jan 31, 2020 by Craig

We have many customers who suffer from Raynaud's who find our products help them manage their condition.

Our Original Foot Cream contains Peppermint Oil which helps to boost circulation and honey, which is great for sore feet and helps to repair cracked heels. 

Our Fisherman's Hand Cream is a barrier hand cream which helps to protect the hands from the elements, especially in the cold, wet weather. With honey and natural oils, it helps to boost circulation and is great for people who suffer from chapped hands and split fingers. 

February is Raynaud’s Awareness Month, you can find out more about this condition by visiting www.sruk.co.uk Symptoms include a colour change in the extremities such as hands or feet, cold extremities and numbness and tingling or pain.

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