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Avocado Moisturising Cream

A light but rich non greasy moisturiser. Suitable to be worn under make-up. This product contains Avocado extract and Goats Milk. Great for combination skin as it has excellent rebalancing properties. 

Popular with teenagers who suffer from acne.


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Product reviews

Reviewed at 18 February 2019

I bought this moisturiser from a Game Fair in September 2017 and I love it. I find it very hard to find products that suit my skin for the long term having suffered with severe acne as a teenager. I'm about to order my third pot! I love it because it's non greasy, absorbs into the skin quickly and I have seen an improvement in my complexion.

by Jessica Dutton

I bought this moisturising cream at the Manchester Christmas market in 2017. I keep it on my desk in work and use it every day. This is honestly the best moisturiser I have ever used! I had surgery on my wrist a couple of months ago and it is really helping to heal my scar. I will definitely be ordering this product again.

by Jessica May

I absolutely LOVE this moisturising cream and have been using it for years! It goes on like silk and is non greasy, and leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft. The scent is just wonderful. Have just got my mother hooked on it now as well as the Gardeners hand cream... A real treat in a tub.

by Martine Christie

I've used this cream for many years and find it excellent for my skin. I often get compliments on my complexion!

by Mary Bennett

Lovely product, easily absorbed and not greasy under makeup. I have a bit of eczema in my elbow joints and have found this very soothing for it

by Nancy Griffiths

Lovely product I was given it as a present initially and will continue to use it. Very light and non-greasy and goes under makeup. I use it day and night

by Nancy Griffiths