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Goats Milk Moisturising Lotion

This light lotion, ideal for larger areas leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. 

Also suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis. 


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Product reviews

Reviewed at 18 February 2019

I have used this lotion myself and love it, just wondered if it is suitable for a 5 month old with baby eczema.

by Lynda Tillotson

This is the very best moisturiser or face cream of any sort I have ever used. Normally my eyes stream but not once with this product. To me this means it is a pure and natural product and my skin feels and looks great. Delivery is no problem and the staff cannot be more helpful, what more can you ask for!! Thank you Elegance.

by Maggie Smith

I bought this for my daughter as she has excema so am hoping it will help her.

by Josephine Blackeby

It's mild, its magic, its milky. its perfect for people with skin- it leaves all my skin feeling silky. just wish it could make me look thin

by joan glynn

Update 5 years later! I have been using your Goats Milk Moisturising lotion daily for the last 5 years and it keeps my skin problems at bay. Every time I feel a 'tingle' around the problem area which is my eyes, I just apply the lotion and it quickly soothes the irritation. Sadly my youngest granddaughter has skin problems too but she also finds the Goats Milk effective and carries round the travel size in her pocket :)

by Elizabeth Thornhill

In the last 2 years I have periodically suffered from eczema on the skin around the eyes. The doctor has tried many remedies during this time but nothing has been as soothing as Goats Milk Moisturising Lotion which calms the itching and allows the skin time to heal. I followed this with the goats milk soap and am now buying the Goat's Milk Night Cream at the fantastic offer price. Thank you Elegance Natural Skincare for your wonderful products.

by Elizabeth Thornhill

This moisturising lotion has transformed my 8 year old daughter's dry, itchy skin. We apply this once a day and her skin now feels soft and moisturised. She has dry, sensitive skin which reacts badly to fragrance. My daughter loves this lotion and insists she has it on every night! I have found it to be so good that I now use it myself.

by J Williams

This lotion is magic!! Leaves skin feeling fresh and looking even. This lotion is so light it just soaks straight in and leaves no trace. I was suffering from a hormonal outbreak of spots and this lotion cleared them up with visable results within the first week and completely clear by the second. As I said magic!!

by Christine Richards

This is a great all over moisturiser that goes on very easily and quickly and also great value. Having used it regularly over the past year or so I wouldn't be without it !

by Margaret

I just had to let you know that your Goats Milk Lotion is absolutely Great. We started using a sample a week ago on a rash that had appeared on my husbands ankle. (The cream from the Drs had not worked !) The skin condition has greatly improved. I just think the honey hand cream is fantastic too. I bought some at Holkham Game Fair in the summer. I had used it before but had forgotten just how good it was. Keep up the good work with no nonsense products. Best Regards