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Royal Gellee Moisturising Cream

This light cream is formulated for the more mature skin type. Its light texture is felt on the skin and is quickly absorbed into the skin helping correct the skins moisture balance. Royal Gellee is also a renowned anti wrinkle treatment. GREAT FOR MATURE SKIN!

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Product reviews

Reviewed at 18 February 2019

You ask what we thought of the product, my wife has been one of your customers since soon after you started trading. We first met you and Grandma on the stand at the craft fair at Burghly and my wife, Vera, always inquires after the health of Grandma. Although being a customer for many years this was the first we have ordered on line Best wishes from us both, Vera and John Ball

by Vera Ball

Have for many years used a number of well branded face moisture creams. Had found recently that their chemical harshness was stinging my face. Into my 1st week of this most amazing cream - my skin has just softened in minutes, stays that way all day. Using it as a night cream as well as day. Work outside 90% of the day with horses/dogs and gardening. Cannot believe the difference. Will look to see what is in the rest of this range. Love it !

by Jane Born

Amazed at how quickly it arrived. Delighted with the produce

by Mrs A Goddard