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Goats Milk Enriched Night Cream

Our Goats Milk Enriched Night Cream is made with many different oils for use at night when skin loses most of its moisture

Specially formulated for people with dry, sensitive skin useful in the care of eczema. psoriasis, rosacea,  dermatitis and other dry skin conditions . 

 Helps to moisturise and replenish your skin while you are sleeping. 


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Reviewed at 31 May 2024 by

Excellent product as always.<br /> Luscious feeling on your skin.

Reviewed at 30 April 2024 by

I have very dry skin. & use this as a day cream. Have used for many years & find it excellent

Reviewed at 16 January 2024 by

<p>Not used this much yet but use the regular Goats Milk Moisturiser so expect it will be as fabulous.</p>

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