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Famous Gardeners Honey Hand Cream

As Featured in Gardener's World Top Hand Cream list 2021!

Great for working hands, with the added benefit of creating a barrier. Helpful for people who suffer with sore chapped hands and split fingers, often described as “The best hand cream I have ever used” 

Contains local honey, which has natural antiseptic qualities, great for split fingers and chapped hands.


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Product reviews

Reviewed at 18 February 2019

Amazing Hand Cream! My hands are always dry and most creams wash straight off when you wash your hands but this one still feels like it is moisturising even after washing yet is not at all greasy and has a lovely delicate smell. So glad I bought it at the Kent Garden Show, will be back for more!

by Sarah Steventon

My daughter bought me the Gardener's Honey Hand Cream and I use it after gardening when my hands are so dry. It's great and it smells gorgeous too!

by Susan Ayers

Brilliant hand cream, was given this for Christmas and we are now re-ordering.

by Georgina Fisher

This hand cream is certainly the best I have ever used and it smells lovely. It immediately makes the hands feel smooth and my older skin looks less wrinkled too

by Veronica Phillips

This is the most amazing hand cream I have ever used. It's also brilliant on feet too! I only use on feet after a bath when it can really absorb. I have suffered from bad chapped hands all my life and now I'm chap free!! A wonderful friend has bought me tubs of it for three years running, so I thought I ought to tell you how delighted I am with this product.

by Jen Harrington

I Would not be without this hand cream. I do a lot of needlework and my hands get rough but the gardeners hand cream is easy to use and is not greasy. Makes my hands feel soft and smooth

by I Jeffery

I bought this after someone mentioned it was great for hands and yes it is, makes them feel soft and helps my splits at the corners of my thumb nail. Will definitely buy again!

by Gail McGuire

Bought first lot from stafford county show its wonderful

by Mrs J Seagrave

It is 15 years since we first bought your Gardeners Honey Hand Cream at a craft fayre. My husband swears by it. Thank you for your very prompt service.

by Judith Oldfield

This is my second pot of this product and not only is it wonderful for my hands it is excellent for legs too. Easily absorbed, leaving skin silky smooth; and men like it too.

by Ruth Dunsire

The product Gardener's Honey Hand Cream is excellent. I have used it before after purchasing it at a woodworking or engineering show some years ago. I found it excellent then and that is why I have purchased more. It goes a long way and makes my hand silky to touch. Thank you

by Pauline Keen

I use both the Gardeners range and the Fishermans range of hand creams which I find extremely beneficial in helping to relieve my split fingers.

by K Lilley

Makes your hands feel lovely and soft. I have been using this hand cream for the last few years, ever since my mother bought it for me - not only does it smell nice, but it genuinely makes my rough hands feels soft again.

by Christabel Moseley

I have been buying this for a number of years for someone who is a keen gardener, and who suffers with dry, cracked hands as a result. This product is the only thing that helps her, and I therefore thoroughly recommend it.

by C Whelan

I have used this product and the honey cream for many years and find it the very best. -Long may it continue

by Polly Smith

I bought a trial size to try and will be buying a large tub in the future as it was very rich. I am a hairdresser and used it all over Christmas as this is when my hands get very sore but by using your cream my hands were soft and didn't split which was great thank-you .

by M Noakes

I always use this cream. It rubs in well and doesn't leave your hands greasy. I was ill last year and in hospital for a long time. The nursing staff complained about their hands always being sore because of all the hand hygiene. I bought them all a trial size each. They were really pleased with how nice the cream was and how well the barrier worked.

by No Name