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Famous Gardeners Honey Hand Lotion

Specially blended with vegetable oils to create a barrier. This lotion has all the benefit of the hand cream now in a lotion. Honey is a natural antiseptic so great for chapped hands and split fingers. 


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Product reviews

Reviewed at 18 February 2019

I have been using the hand cream for a few years now so i thought i'd try the lotion as well this time and have found it every bit as good as the cream, infact it's easier to rub in just before going out the door to sort out all my animals and the gardening of course.

by Sharon Burton

This stuff is great! I have a very hands on job and workout everyday and this cream has made all the difference. Especially in winter when it has the cold weather to contend with as well. Top notch cream that I will be buying again. :)

by Adam Prescott

I've brought the cream to use at home because the cream keeps my skin moisturised. I have eczema and in winter, my hands always crack and become so sore.

by Nichola Tsang