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Donkey Milk Moisturising Cream

Donkey milk has been used for thousands of years as a great health and cosmetic ingredient. The milk has 60 times the vitamin C content as cow's milk as well as containing vitamins A, D and E, and is a rich source of calcium and phosphorous.

Donkey’s milk also contains essential fatty acids, that when regularly applied to your skin will provide you with powerful anti-ageing and healing properties. The fatty acids will help to ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and will work to regenerate damaged skin

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Reviewed at 12 July 2024 by

Love it. So natural and skin looking better for it.

Reviewed at 18 June 2024 by

Just started to use this and am sure it is making a difference

Reviewed at 04 June 2024 by

Has worked brilliantly to clear up small areas of eczema on my face.Areas that had never cleared using hydrocortisone 1% for years.Super absorbent without any shine on your face.Can’t recommend this product highly enough.Thankyou very much.

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