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Nurses Hand Cream

Our Nurses Hands is a rich, fast absorbing, non-greasy hand cream.

Made with naturally derived ingredients, pure British soothing honey and moisturising oils

Our Nurses Hands creates a natural barrier that you will feel, no need to keep reapplying - ideal for busy hardworking hands 

Only a small amount is needed 

Ideal for people that work in the health care profession that are constantly washing their hands in alcohol gel and harsh soap. 

100g and 15g pocket sizes available, perfect for scrubs pockets.


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Product reviews

Reviewed at 18 February 2019

I am a student nurse, and a support worker and got this cream for Christmas!! It's thick, which means it is actually already starting to work!! It's also none greasy which is fantastic. I reckon I'll be using this cream for the rest of my career :)

by Steph McDermott

I came across this product at the Christmas Market in Birmingham, I have been constantly suffering with dry hands and as the winter comes, chapped hands and soreness with the change in temperature. I am always careful but at work I have to place my hands in water constantly and use Alcohol Gel all the time. My hands have been really bad where I can touched/rub them and literally I have a 'snow storms' of dry skin flake off, not very attractive! this was on the Friday morning and I bought 'Nurses Hand Cream' on the Friday night, used it that evening, I already felt a lovely smooth moisturiser which smells gorgeous working, I used it again Saturday (and that day bought a second jar) and began to see a change with no flakes! since then I have been using it morning and evening and when my hands felt the need. It is now Tuesday and everyone is commenting on the difference in my hands and the better condition of my skin! no hype I mean it! my hands haven't been this good in months, and because they haven't dried or are forming scaly snow storms skin my hands look younger too! I am really impressed and just after four days of use, thank you and highly recommended!

by Elaine Collins